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All About Anti-glare Glasses

FFor a long time, glare is everywhere! The glare exist in colorful LED lights, blinding lights on the road, and the screen light of cell phones and computers. People suffer from it but can do nothing about it. And a lot of people are confused at  what the glare glasses are. No worry, Let's figure it out together.

Anti-glare glasses

Anti-glare glasses are lenses with a special coating added to them. This coating increases the amount of light passing through the lenses by reducing the reflection of light from the front and back surfaces of the lenses, allowing up to 99% of the light to pass through the lenses instead of bouncing off them, thus helping you to see more clearly.

Do we need anti-glare glasses?

The answer is yes. Glare can be very damaging to our glasses and is irreversible.

The dangers of glare Glare is a visual condition that causes visual discomfort and reduces the visibility of objects due to unsuitable luminance distribution in the field of view, or the existence of extreme luminance contrast in space or time. It produces a bright sensation in the visual field that the human eye cannot adapt to, and may cause disgust, discomfort, or even loss of brightness. Excessive brightness in a localized area of the visual field or excessive brightness changes occur before and after. Glare is an important cause of visual fatigue.

After spending a long time in a glare environment, it is not difficult to find that sometimes you do not feel how hard your eyes are using, but your lens muscle is tired and your eyes are starting to have a hard time. In addition to visual fatigue, glare can even cause eye discomfort such as eye tears, pain, and even eyelid cramps, especially when driving or outdoor sports, eye glare is likely to cause a series of dangerous accidents. Thus, it can be seen that glare is not friendly to drivers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The human eye, in particular, will feel a significant reduction in binocular vision when transformed into each other in an environment with a large difference in brightness.

Common glare in life: sunlight, artificial light, object reflections, road reflections, headlights, street lights, etc.

Advantages of anti-glare lenses
1. anti-glare for driving
2. UV protection for travel
3. Aspheric design with more realistic aberration prevention
4. Super wear-resistant and easy to take care of
5. Ultra-high definition vision6. All-scene application (indoor and outdoor)

Wrap Up

There are many advantages to anti-glare lenses. One advantage is that they help reduce eye fatigue. When you are constantly looking at a computer screen or other digital device, your eyes can become strained and tired. Anti-glare lenses help to reduce this strain and fatigue by reducing the amount of glare from the screen.

Another advantage of anti-glare lenses is that they can help improve your vision. If you suffer from conditions like astigmatism or presbyopia, anti-glare lenses can help to reduce the amount of blurriness and distortion in your vision. This can make it easier for you to see clearly and read text on a screen. Finally, anti-glare lenses can also help protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

Choice of lenses:
For driver and outdoor athletes, safety, protection and practicality are the first criteria to look for when choosing anti-glare lenses.

Anti-glare Sunglasses Recommendations

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