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Do You Really Know How to Wipe Glasses?

For people who wear glasses, usually wear glasses for a long time, if the lens is a little bit flowery, we usually blow on the lens and then wipe the glasses with glasses cloth or paper towel. However, is this really the right thing to do?

But after a long time, you will find a problem. Sometimes when you wipe your glasses, some areas are always blurry. Why does it get worse? When you look closely, it's not dirty at all, but there are many tiny scratches on it. The more you wipe the lenses with an eyeglass cloth, the more tiny scratches there are. Are the lenses of bad quality or is it the wrong way to clean them?

Where Do the Scratches of Glasses Come From?

Many people think that the cloth that comes with buying glasses is a cloth for wiping glasses, but in fact it is not, its role is only to protect glasses and avoid glasses and glasses case bump. In addition, most of the glasses cloth material on the market now is not fine enough, the cloth and lenses are easy to store dust and tiny foreign matter, if directly dry wipe with glasses cloth, equivalent to wipe the lenses with small particles.

Most of the dust or oil on the lenses is actually oil from our eyelashes, keratin from our face, fine grit from the air and dander from our heads, etc. Especially grit, although they look tiny, they are actually very hard for lenses and coatings. The more you dry-clean your glasses, the more you wear them, and the more you wear them, the more you can't clean them. The end result is that both the glasses and the lenses will be damaged.

In addition, the lenses are easily scratched by the edge of the case when they are put back in the case. Rubbing the lenses back and forth when cleaning your glasses can also cause damage over time. Scratches can also occur if lenses are accidentally dropped and rubbed against rough ground or if the plane slides the lenses when picking them up. Since glasses cloth is not used to wipe the lenses, how to do a good job of cleaning and maintaining the glasses in daily life? The simplest and most common practice is to clean glasses with water, the correct steps are as follows.

1. Fold the arms, use a small stream of water to rinse the dust and dirt from all parts of the glasses, especially do not forget the corners (more likely to hide dirt).

2. Cover the front and back of the glasses evenly with the cleaning solution (preferably neutral), if you use detergent, spray it on directly; if you use detergent, dilute it with water in your hands first, rub out the foam and then apply it to the surface of the lenses, then rinse it off with water.

3. Use a soft paper towel to absorb the water drops on the lenses and finally put them in the glasses case. It is important to note that during the washing process, do not use hot water, because the film layer on the surface of the lenses may be burst when exposed to hot water at too high a temperature (e.g. 40-60°C), and therefore it is not recommended to expose the glasses to strong light. When absorbing the water on the lenses with a tissue, remember not to rub them back and forth with force, otherwise, over time, horizontal or vertical scratches will appear.

 We look at the surface of the lens although it is transparent, but in fact on the surface of the distribution of multiple layers of different purposes of the coating, there is an increase in light transmission, there is an increase in resistance to abrasion, there is an increase in anti-fouling ability and so on. So wiping the glasses is not wiping the lens itself, but wiping the coating attached to the mirror surface.

If the quality of the coating or the lens is not good, combined with the incorrect wiping technique, the coating will break, scratch, or even fall off. If you lose the protection of the coating, the lenses will be more likely to wear out.

What Should I Do if My Glasses Are Worn Out?

We should observe where and how much the glasses are worn. If the degree of wear does not affect the central vision, but only the periphery of the lens is worn, you can continue to wear them for a while and wait until the degree of refractive error changes, such as the increase in myopia, before replacing the lenses.

If the wear is very pronounced or located in the center of the lens, it will affect the central vision and you will not be able to see clearly with glasses, in this case, it is necessary to replace the lenses as soon as possible. Therefore, if the lenses are worn out, it is important to go to the hospital and have them examined by a doctor to decide if they need to be replaced.

Wearing scratched glasses for a long time is more likely to lead to an increase in prescription, especially for teenagers. Light passing through these scratches can become disorganized, which not only affects clarity, but can also be harmful to the eyes. We wear glasses to see clearly and protect our eyes, and if they are already damaged, it is counterproductive to continue wearing them.

In addition, damaged lenses may reduce the protective function of the lenses, such as UV protection is weakened, can not block harmful light into the eyes. However, some glasses have lenses that are inherently UV-protective, so scratches on the surface will not necessarily destroy their function.

To sum up, for the glasses people, it is more important to protect our glasses well, usually do a good job of cleaning and caring for glasses to reduce the damage to glasses and increase the wearing life of glasses.

When the glasses are spent, you should promptly check and ask a professional doctor to decide whether to replace the lenses to avoid secondary damage to the glasses. For those who don't wear glasses, they should learn to protect their eyes and avoid excessive eye use that causes myopia.

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Written by: Anthony Lee
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