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Librarian Glasses-How to Select?

What Are Sexy Librarian Glasses?

To be easy to understand, that means you look sexy in these glasses and unconsciously get eyeballs. In the 1950 movie "How to Marry a Millionaire", Marilyn Monroe showed people how sexy they could look with glasses. A lot of girls are trying to imitate it. The glasses are divided into many kinds according to shape, material, color, etc. The most representative and sexy glasses are the cat eye glasses. Different from the exaggerated cat eye shape in the movie, nowadays, there are many improved cat eye glasses are very low profile and suitable for daily wear. With red lips, headscarf these with iconic elements together, instantly pull you back to the 1950s retro sexy style.

Two Categories of Librarian Cat Eye Glasses

By style: modified models and classic models, respectively.
By color: black, white, tortoiseshell and colored

The Modified Cat-eye Libralian Glasses

The modified cat-eye shades have a larger range of lenses and frames than the traditional classic models, while the lower part of the frame is flatter. This maximizes the shape of the face and enhances the look.

The modified cat-eye sunglasses are also less demanding in terms of fitting in with the theme of the outfit, and it gives a more chic look. It can be used with a suit or a more minimalist look that can look good. The color of the cat-eye sunglasses is preferred to black, which is the most practical and decorative.The upper and lower relaxed cat eye sunglasses with shirt and jeans is very OLD CELINE feeling.In general, the improved model of cat eye sunglasses more show the aura, but also more suitable for the public.

Classic Cat Eye Librarian Sunglasses

Classic cat eye librarian sunglasses are more suitable for Europeans and Americans, Europeans and Americans have a more vivid facial structure, especially the upright nose bridge. Staying on the face of people with flat facial structure will have a feeling of incongruity, just like wearing pants that doesn't fit. Whether it's street photography, movies or events, we see many celebrities and internet bloggers wearing cat eye glasses. But no matter who they are, they look a little sexy with cat-eye glasses on.

Classic models of cat eye librarian sunglasses: strong lines, clear contours of the face wearing classic models of cat-eye sunglasses will look more sexy. Exaggerated sunglasses should be as simple as possible when it comes to clothing, exaggerated clothing will make it more difficult to find the focus.

There aren't many rules when it comes to choosing classic cat eye sunglasses; it's more about the feel and the match, just like any other type of sunglasses.  Try to think of it as an ornament rather than a face-contouring tool. Some cat-eye glasses that tweak and improve on the basic model, and colored frame cat-eye glasses, we categorize them as colored cat-eye glasses. For example, white and tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses are a very stylish choice.

Colored Librarian Glasses

White cat eye librarian sunglasses have a strong retro feel, but it is also more picky. However, it must be said that white cat eye sunglasses do have a very summer vibe. With the white ruffled skirt and straw bag, it really is full of summer sense. Or you can also find a piece of clothing echoed, with a black and white shirt. The same color swimsuit with up, it is a perfect match. White cat-eye sunglasses and high saturation clothes together with more eye-catching and stylish. If you like a more Drama look, then white cat eye sunglasses are a must. There are also colored cat eye sunglasses that can be used as an accent accessory that echoes the outfit. The cat eye shades with details and colorful designs will be more worth getting and relatively better to match.

Black and yellow librarian sunglasses for summer wear, in addition to its own heavy retro style, but also add a few more American feeling. White frame yellow mirror is also full of summer sense, but in the summer so harsh sunlight, its practicality is slightly lacking some.

Finally, let's talk about tortoiseshell cat-eye shades glasses, which is an extremely magical single product. The tortoiseshell cat eye shades have a heavier retro feel, while the tortoiseshell color has a magical effect that can make your skin texture look "softer". With it to match dark gray, khaki, these earthy colors can be very good with the layers. At the same time with nude and rose beige lipsticks together can make people look very textured. The cat eye retro trend is expected to keep spreading, so hurry up and get a pair of quality cat eye sunglasses. If you are not sure about your face shape and style choice, try to choose a modified version of cat eye sunglasses.

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