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My Simple Menu for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the only time of year when people take the time to appreciate and celebrate family relationships, no matter how busy life is. The big feast is arranged, and everybody sits around the table and enjoys each other's company. In the meantime, selecting a good menu is a task that matches everyoneÔÇÖs requirements and needs. If you think your thanksgiving menu looked a bit smaller last year, here we have mentioned the solution to your problem. This guide aims to discuss Thanksgiving menu to complement the table. Let's explore!

Main Dish of Thanksgiving Table

No matter how extensive your Thanksgiving menu is, it wonÔÇÖt be complete without Turkey. Turkey has become a national dish of America on Thanksgiving. People have been eating it for decades. It is a ritual of New England of consuming traditional food during the season of harvest that has made its way to America in the form of Turkey.  

Menu for Thanksgiving - Medley of Flavors Thanksgiving Menu

Apart from having turkey on the table, you also need starters, appetizers, and drinks to complete the feast. Here is an idea that will help you through it. This menu is an amalgamation of different flavors, including citrus, garlic, Cinnamon, coriander, and more. Try this on Thanksgiving. Surely everyone would love it.


Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad: Give a head start on this light salad by preparing this tasty salad. It contains olive oil, fresh lemon juice, dried cranberries, apples, and especially brussels sprouts. It is tasty and a healthy start.
Potato Soup with Maple Croutons: This soup is launched with vitamin A, which is essential for eye health. It gives a good start to the feast.

To prepare it, you need to heat two tablespoons on medium heat. After that, put some garlic, onion, and carrot and stir it until the vegetables are brown from the edges. After cooking for 8 to 10 minutes, further, stir it for 1 minute. Now add the sweet potatoes, bay leaves, and plenty of water for boiling. Simmer it until the vegetables are tender. Meanwhile, heat the remaining two tablespoons of oil in a large pan and cook it while occasionally tossing it until it is medium brown. Remove from the heater, add maple syrup over the bread, and change sides to coat. After that, with the help of an immersion blender, puree the soup until it becomes smooth and ready to eat.


Sage and Orange Roast Turkey: As we have mentioned, it is the main part of the feast. This special turkey is packed with flavors and is convenient to roast. All you need to do is to marinate it with local spices after removing the neck and discarding the giblets. Put the neck and vegetables around it and place them on a large roasting pan.

Insert a thermometer in the thigh of Turkey. Roast it until it shows 165 degrees temperature. Now place it on the serving tray and garnish it with oranges and sage to add flavor.


Apple and Potato Gratin: It is easy to make and a healthy dish to add to the table on the event of Thanksgiving. This special dish oozes creamy goodness. You can assemble it with gratin and refrigerate it for up to 1 day. To serve it for its full flavor, cover it with foil and cook for another 15 minutes. Then uncover and cook according to your recipe.
Pecan Pie Glazed Carrots: For this dish, the carrots are sweetened with maple syrup and brown sugar. The amalgamation of these ingredients makes these carrots the life of the table. 

To cook this dish, you must take a large skillet and heat the butter on medium flame. Once the butter is melted, add carrots and cook for ten minutes. Remember to keep them tossing. Now add some sugar, maple syrup, and salt and let it boil gently. Then reduce the heat and simmer it while shaking the pan occasionally. Take the carrots out and let the syrup cook. When it gets thick consistency, pour syrup over the carrots.

Cranberry Chutney Coriander: It is a special kind of dish to consider for a thanksgiving feast. This tart is orange-infused cranberry chutney which is sweetened with dried apricots.
Roasted Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are as sweet as they sound. A festive meal is incomplete without this dish, and the nutty, creamy version will have your guest wanting more. To make this dish, you need to peel and cut the sweet potatoes and sprinkle them with oil, coriander, Cinnamon, and salt. Let it roast for 45 minutes, and then transfer it to a serving tray.


Chai Pumpkin Pie: When it comes to the thanksgiving festival, it is impossible to spend it without sweets and desserts. With colorful leaves on the outside and the addition of pumpkin deliciousness on the inside, this pie is the best dessert to put on the Thanksgiving feast.
Autumn Cake: Cakes are the ringer of a feast. It enhances the table aesthetically but also manifolds craving. Make those gorgeous autumn cakes featuring rich chocolate inside and buttercream frosting on the outside. You can also give some seasonal touches to the food.


Pomegranate-Thyme Spritz: No dinner is complete without a distinct and mouth-watering drink. The amalgamation of vodka, fresh orange juice, and pomegranate-thyme syrup will make the best combination on the table. To make this delicious drink, you must take a large can and stir vodka, orange juice, and pomegranate syrup. In case you are serving it right now, do it. Otherwise, cover it and refrigerate it. You can also serve it with pomegranate seeds and a twist of orange desire.


Thanksgiving is the most hyped time of the year when every family member comes tighter on the table. The importance of this feast cannot be overlooked as everyone aims to pay gratitude and spread love instead of mocking when this event is combined with delicious food, its vibe doubles. Along with roasted well-cooked Turkey, you can add some distinct appetizers to make the mood and tasty drinks to complement every bite of food.  

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