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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Desserts We All Love

Thanksgiving is an event of humbleness, kindness, and spreading happiness. Some people prefer to give expensive gifts to show love, while others put effort into making customized cards and other handmade items to show gratitude. Like other events, one thing whose importance never fades is food. Whether you have experienced it or not, holidays are always challenging for anyone with food allergies. It is difficult to find what to serve people with gluten allergies.

If you are confused, here is the round-up of the best, delicious, and gluten-free thanksgiving desserts you can make either to serve at your dinner or to take with you as a guest. So, let's explore!

20 best Gluten-Free Desserts for Thanksgiving

Living gluten-free, thankfully, does not mean that you have given up on your favorite dessert. Moreover, it does not need to be complex. Here are a few ideas for simple yet delicious thanksgiving desserts.

1.Sweet Potato Pudding

No matter if it is spicy or sweet, the potatoes never get out of the scene. The silky and smooth sweet potato pudding is delightful and lighter. It is a mesh and filling of sweet potato pie with optional whipped cream or marshmallow fluff topping. This pudding is a healthy serve for gluten-allergic people as a Thanksgiving dessert. 

2.Almond Thumbprints

The soft and gluten-free base of the cookies tastes good with any filling. You can try it with blackberry, strawberry, and other flavors when it comes to these adorable cookies.

3.Chocolate Pots De Crème

This little pot of chocolate goodness is the best treatment to put on the table for anyone. This dessert is curd, but it falls between the mousse and pudding. If you want to mix flavor and make it presentable, you can add a fluffy cream topping or some sprinkles.

4.Gluten-Free Pie Crust

Finding the mouthwatering pie crust when you are gluten allergic. Can you imagine a thanksgiving evening without the dishes, including flour? Fortunately, you do not need to do that because gluten-free pies are tested and perfect for everyone. The secret to excellently cooked pies is cold sour cream.

5.Poached Pears

For many years, this event was observed on the last Thursday of November. However. a Jewish business forced to change the dates. It also provoked a firestorm across America. In 1939, Thanksgiving was coming on the last days of the month. It was difficult for people and retailers to match expectations. Therefore, the president changed the date and brought Thanksgiving to the second last week. Many people showed disagreement with the date and appealed to bring the date back. It made waves in the country, and ultimately, the president had to change the dates back.

6.Keto Pumpkin Pie

When Thanksgiving is around the corner, we cannot take roasted turkey and stuff out of our minds. However, what people expect after Turkey is a pumpkin pie. If you want to keep carbs low due to gluten, you can make it by the following keto.

7.Chocolate Coconut Cake

The gluten-free coconut cake is the best option to put on the table on the occasion of Thanksgiving. The flourless cake is prepared with butter, chocolate as well as eggs. Moreover, the toasted coconut can also be added to the batter for additional flavor.

8.Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Many thanksgiving dishes include pumpkin. If it is not our thing, try gluten-free apple cider donuts. These are perfect for a fall treat when combined with a warm cinnamon-sugar topping.

9.Sour Cream Maple Cake

It is one of the most delicious cakes to be included in gluten-free thanksgiving dishes. You can adopt a particular recipe to keep it eggless and gluten-free.

10.Crustless Apple pies

On Thanksgiving, you need to try these little apple bites immediately. It tastes like an apple pie and apple crumble. It is easy to make as you do not have to roll out and chill pie dough.

11.Pecan Pie

This pie is filled with the flavors of holidays with none other than refined carbs or sugar. It includes classic keto baking ingredients such as almond flour, monk fruit, and heavy cream. The pie needs time to set up properly, but it is an excellent dish to keep prepared before the feast.

12.Dutch Apple Pie

It is a dairy-free classic option to complement your Thanksgiving. This pie has a beautiful crumb topping, and you will love the sweetness and crunchiness of this gluten-free apple pie.

13.Mini Cheesecakes

The mini cheesecakes or cheesy bites are convenient to make. The rich cheesecakes are nestled with a graham cracker crust. You can also top them with your favorite topping.

14.Cinnamon Roll Cake

This cake is super moist and bursting with flavor. It might not occur at first, but you won't regret having it on the table, which tastes like a cinnamon roll.

15.Gluten-Free Cranberry Oatmeal Bars

These are one of the absolute favorites on Thanksgiving. The amalgamation of flour, tart, cranberries, sweet dates, and oats gives the best taste and vibes.

16.Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

It is an upgraded version of the classic flourless chocolate cake. This cake includes a lot of peanut butter. It is not only rich in taste but also easy to make. Anyhow, the fancy topping is optional.

17.Pumpkin Fudge

Carefully follow the recipe to get the desired taste. Make it perfectly, and see it disappear in minutes. To add some flavors, you can also consider adding some mix-ins to the fudge.

18.Pumpkin Pudding

We all swore over good snack packs and missed the days of having one in lunch. This easy hack of pumpkin dish will take you back to good days on Thanksgiving and satisfy every craving you have.

19.Apple Crumble

The gluten-free apple crumbles are a fall essential. It is launched with tart, tender apple filling, warm spices, and crisp toppings. For additional flavor, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is the most comforting dessert on Thanksgiving. 

20.Pumpkin Dream Bars

Pumpkins become a staple at Thanksgiving. The pumpkin dream bars are soft, creamy, and as delicious as they look. This custardy, cheesecake-like dessert will make everybody swear over it. For this dish, you can crush cheerios for a crust to make it gluten-free.


The holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are always challenging for food allergic people. You can make it a treat by preparing special food such as gluten-free. To make your choice easy, we have enlisted some best desserts that will make your and your guests' day. 

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