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Quavo Sunglasses

Quavious Keyate Marshall, famously known as Quavo, is an American songwriter, singer, rapper, and record producer, born on 2nd April 1991. The main reason for his fame is the hip-hop and trap music trio “Migos." This 31-year-old guy being the fashion and music icon, a bright name in American rap music, has the world spinning around him.

Besides working as, a trio, this amazing singer has been getting extremely popular for his solo work. See Bout It, Nothing, Big Stunna, Shooters Inside My Crib, and Don't Rate Me are some of his best solo hits.

With his amazing songwriting skills and dapper looks, Quavo never fails to impress his lovers. His iconic style is never complete without a slick pair of shades. Let’s steal his glam by styling a glamorous look with Quavo glasses!

Where are the Quavo fans and lovers? This comprehensive article is for you! It’s a close look at Quavo glasses. Let’s dive into it to explore more!

Quavo Sunglasses

What Brand of Glasses Does Quavo Wear?

Besides the rope chain, heavy pendants, earrings, bracelets, and a grill in his mouth, what Quavo never skips is a stunning pair of glasses. He believes in playing with new colors, mixing and matching to create unique looks. It won’t be wrong to say, Quavo can rock in even a mundane accessory, making it worldly popular! You must be aware of this fact if you are a fan of Quavo.

He is often found wearing Quavo Cartier glasses. Quavo Cartier glasses are of various materials, mainly focused on being stylish. The glasses Quavo’s dad gifted him were also Cartier glasses named "Aviators."

Typically, Quavo glasses have gold frames and are round, featuring tinted lenses. No matter outdoors or indoors, Quavo uses his frames both as normal glasses as well as sunglasses. Another important thing to notice is that while heaving a golden round frame, most of the Quavo glasses have small diamonds embedded in the rim. His glasses normally have a scratch-resistant coating that makes them easy to see.

Famous Quavo glasses Frames

Though Quavo holds fame for wearing round frames, don't expect him to style the same frame in all looks. You will find him wearing a new slick pair of glasses every time. From classic and elegant to ordinary, each pair of vintage glasses he wears becomes exceptionally famous.

Want to know more about Quavo glasses? We have listed some of the famous Quavo-styled frames you should get to create Quavo inspired look. Let’s have a look at them!

quavo cartier glasses

1.Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal 2/2

Quavo got bundles of reasons to cherish and celebrate, from the success of his solo songs, four of them got featured in Billboard's hot 100 chart to the rise in his popularity. This fashion icon is surely not afraid of acknowledging this success in his Instagram posts, and in one such snap, he is found wearing classic Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal 2/2.

A style statement glasses frame accessorizing red bomber, white tee, and black jeans. Fans are drooling over this look of Quavo with glasses, round tinted glasses with a golden frame.

2.Ray-Ban RB3475Q

In another “Out of This World” look, Quavo was found styling a Ray-Ban RB3475Q. He tried to keep things subtle while styling a dazzling outfit. Experimenting with new styles and pushing boundaries, he wore a sequined sweater embellished with a stunning spaceship motif. Accessorizing his statement look with gold rope chains and Ray-Ban RB3475Q.

How he used the motif's color palette and matched it with his glasses is beyond perfection. These glasses also have nose pads to ensure they don't slip over.

3.McQ MQ0058SK

Quavo styled another stunning pair of glasses, McQ MQ0058SK, in a midnight live performance at his concert. These stylish glasses perfectly accessorized the deep blues and dark purples of his attire, taking his look to the next level. He surely rocked on stage in his golden-framed and black-tinted glasses.

The combo of black and gold in frame is perfectly charming up his look. If you want to steal his style, grab McQ MQ0058SK!

4.Giorgio Armani AR8092QZ

Nothing can beat the charm of Giorgio Armani AR8092QZ, Quavo, styled in another live concert with a neon sweater, a stack of silver necklaces, and silver bracelets. This charming vintage eyewear is all black with classic details. It has deep curve temple tips and meshed sides.

5.Emporio Armani EA4062

These gold-rimmed round shades got immense hype after Quavo wore them in a live concert with his trio. In full white trousers embellished with quotes written in black, his signature silver jewels, Quavo rocked the night as always.

These black-tinted shades have a gold frame and double bridge design, which adds to their elegance. This design ensures the frame fits best on the nose and doesn't slip away.

6 Abdosy Polygon Frame glasses

One of the key features of polygon sunglasses is their versatility. They are suitable for a variety of occasions, from casual outings with friends to formal events. The frames are available in a range of colors and materials, including acetate, metal, and titanium, allowing to choose a style that suits their individual taste and personality. For more information, click:Polygon Sunglasses

Quavo Without Glasses

Quavo Without Glasses

Quavo is rarely seen without his glasses, stack of necklaces, and other jewels. It’s because he has made every little accessory a part of his iconic rapper personality. He surely knows how to style a top-tier accessory to an ordinary one adding a touch of uniqueness to everything.

Though fans are used to seeing Quavo with glasses, they can witness Quavo without glasses and other accessories enjoying the start of the year with his girlfriend. Some find him almost unrecognizable in this look, and others find him handsome. Our opinion is that the guy knows how to slay in every look, from the simple one with no glasses and accessories to the Hi-Fi one loaded with accessories and the signature round frame.


Quavo is famous worldwide for his work in rapper music as a solo artist and part of the world-famous trio “Migos". This icon is famous for wearing round frames with gold rims embellished with multiple small diamonds.

In this article, we have explained everything about the Quavo glasses and listed some chic frames this fashion icon has worn on multiple occasions. If you want to style a Quavo-inspired look, you can get any of the above-mentioned slick pairs of glasses and slay in his rapper style.

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