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What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses?

Por AnthonyLee 20 Mar 2023
What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses? - Abdosy

Sunglasses are also called sunshade mirrors, which are used for sunshade. People usually rely on adjusting the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux in the sun. When the light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eye, it will cause damage to the human eye. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in summer, it is necessary to use sunglasses to block the sun, so as to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong light stimulation.

What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses?

So, do you know the difference between sunglasses and polarized glasses?

To explain the difference between polarizers and sunglasses, we must first introduce some knowledge about polarizers and sunglasses. In fact, polarizers can be regarded as a category of sunglasses, but polarizers are a relatively high-end category of sunglasses. Polarizers have an effect that ordinary sunglasses do not have. This effect is to effectively block and filter out various polarized light that is harmful to the eyes.

1. First of all, both polarizers and ordinary sunglasses have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and reducing the intensity of light, but ordinary sunglasses do not have the function of isolating or converting polarized light. This is the difference between polarizers and sunglasses. Therefore, general sunglasses are relatively cheaper than polarized sunglasses.

What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses?

2. The main purpose of polarizers is to protect the eyes from damage under certain conditions. However, for people who generally do not have high requirements, ordinary sunglasses can be used, because polarized sunglasses are relatively high-end sunglasses. Of course, if you are a car owner who needs to drive, it is better to wear polarized sunglasses when driving, because driving often encounters various glare lights, polarized sunglasses can block part of the glare, and can also filter out the ground or The strong light reflected from the opposite car body makes the vision clearer, reduces visual fatigue, and is conducive to safe driving. The viewing angle effect of polarized lenses is more natural and clear than that of sunglasses

3. The difference between polarized lenses and ordinary sun lenses
In order to prevent unscrupulous merchants from setting traps, everyone should pay attention to identification when purchasing polarized sunglasses. In fact, the difference between polarizers and sunglasses and the way to distinguish them are relatively simple. As long as the two polarized lenses are stacked vertically, if it is opaque, it means that it is a real polarized lens, because the special design of the polarized lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, so when the two lenses are stacked vertically, most of the light will be blocked.

What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses?
The difference between polarizers and sunglasses: different definitions, different functions, different principles, different materials, different applications, different degrees of protection, and different degrees of blocking ultraviolet rays.

What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses?

1, different definitions
Polarizer: A polarizer is a lens made according to the principle of polarization of light.
Sunglasses: Sunglasses are lenses that block glare and reduce the intensity of ultraviolet rays.

2, the role is different
Polarizer: Used to exclude and filter the direct light in the beam, making the field of vision clear and natural.
Sunglasses: used to block the sun and reduce the damage of light to the eyes.

3, the principle is different
Polarizer: Polarizer is the principle of polarized light, and the objects seen will not change color.
Sunglasses: Ordinary sunglass lenses use their coloring to block all light. The object you see will change the original color of the object. Whatever color the lens is, the color of the object will be covered.

4, the material is different
Polarizer: It is made of fibers sandwiching polarizing film.
Sunglasses: Optical Glass Polarized Sunglasses.

5, using different
Polarizer: mostly used in sunglasses and camera lenses.
Sunglasses: mostly used for sunshade mirrors, light-colored mirrors and special-purpose sunglasses.

6, the degree of protection is different
Polarizers: Polarizers can completely resist glare and achieve real eye protection.
Sunglasses: Sunglasses cannot prevent glare from damaging the eyes.

7, the degree of blocking ultraviolet rays is different
Polarizer: 99% blocking rate of ultraviolet rays
Sunglasses: Ordinary sunglass lenses have a fairly low barrier rate.

What's the difference between polarizers and sunglasses?

Types of sunglasses lenses
The types of sunglasses lenses are roughly divided into five types: anti-reflective protective lenses, colored lenses, colored lenses, polarized lenses and photochromic lenses. Therefore, when buying sunglasses, you can judge according to whether the vision is clear. To buy high-quality sunglasses, the only thing you can do is to go to optical specialty stores and regular optical stores to buy sunglasses.

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