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Frames and Face Shapes

EEveryone's face shape is unique, but we are confident that you will always find the best frame for you. We hope we can help you. Sunglasses are not just for protection from the strong sunlight anymore, when you find the right ones, they become part of you and through them we feel the temperament and personality of the owner of the glasses. To find the best sunglasses for your face shape, you will need to, measure your face, determine your face shape and finally match that face shape with the style of sunglasses."

How to Measure Your Face Shape

Here we have prepared 3 methods for you to choose.The first and the second kind need to be compared, personally, we recommend the direct third one, which is easier and faster. For those who are worried about inaccuracy, you can choose the first and the second.

Method One:

1. Measure the forehead: pull the tape measure from the apex of one brow arch to the apex of the other. Record this number.

2. Measure your cheekbones: Measure your upper cheeks, starting at the sharp bulge below the outer corner of each eye and ending at the end.

3. Measure your jawline: Measure your chin at the widest part of your face (about an inch down from your ear).

4. Measure the length of your face: Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.Then make the following comparisons. Please pull up to feaures of face shapes

The second method:
Suitable for people who are worried that they can't operate correctly.

Step 1: Take a picture of yourself with your hair pulled away from your face and straight.

Step 2: Print out the photo.

Step 3: Line up the top, bottom and sides of your face.Finally make a comparison of the face shape. See which face shape is closest to yours.

Features of Face Shape

Round face: the outer contour of this face shape is round, the ratio of width to length is basically 1:1, the face is more fleshy, streamlined and without angles.

Oval face: the ratio of length to width is 6:4, a standard face shape, suitable for any glasses.

Square face: both cheeks are prominent, with a wider forehead and angularity.

Rectangular face: narrower face, higher hairline, pointed and large chin

Diamond-shaped face: narrow upper forehead, pointed chin, prominent cheekbones.

Heart-shaped face: wider forehead, narrower chin.

Third Method:
The website faceshape is always the fastest, we compared the online measurement tools on the market, and finally we agreed that faceshape is the one that can meet our needs, the measurement is relatively accurate, easy to operate, and the results come out quickly.You can just click in and follow the instructions on the page.

Which Glasses Shapes Suit Round Faces?

Choose angular models for round faces, the round face itself has rounded curves and wearing round sunglasses adds curves to the face, which looks round in the round? And the rounded lines of a round face tend to be juvenile, so it's inevitable that a normal person's round face won't look more bloated and solid when wearing them. It's easy to wear round sunglasses with a strong sense of cuteness, and it's vaguely rustic.

Which Glasses Shapes Suit Oval Faces?

Versatile face shape: Oval faces meet the aesthetics of the world and look good no matter what kind of frame. The oval face has a more even facial structure, and the suitable style mainly matches with the dress of the day, so don't buy huge frames, which cover up your face, what else can you see?

Which Glasses Shapes Suit Square Faces?

Square face should choose smooth and wide sunglasses. The principle of choosing sunglasses for square faces is the same as for round faces. Round faces need to neutralize the curves of the face, square faces naturally need to neutralize the angularity of the face ~.

So when choosing sunglasses for a square face, especially the lower edge of the sunglasses, avoid choosing a style that is completely square and angular. This kind of sunglasses will make the angularity of the face more obvious, and it is hard not to notice the square jawbone.  From the point of view of face modification, sunglasses with smooth, rounded lines on the face will look much better ~.

If you want to emphasize a sense of "coolness" or "power", then you don't need to think too much from the perspective of "face modification", instead, the square-shaped models that fit the face line better have the effect of "enhancing the style". In addition, in addition to the rounded curve of the sunglasses, the square face also needs to pay attention to the size of the sunglasses. The small square face itself, because of the obvious jaw angle, gives the impression that the face area is on the large side, after wearing small round glasses, it feels like the sunglasses are about to be eaten by the whole face, the face line does not play a role in blocking modification. 

So square face on the size, also need to choose the large sunglasses, on the face more magnanimous, but also more able to show the square face that advanced atmosphere of the aura.

Which Glasses Shapes Suit Heart-shaped Faces?

"If you have a heart-shaped face with a wide top and narrow bottom like American actress Mindy Kaling, aviator sunglasses are the best choice. You can also choose a style with a decorative lower half of the frame to bring balance to a sharp chin.

Tom Cruise said in 'Top Gun,'Some aviators have a slightly smaller frame, but they compliment your forehead and balance your unique facial features. People with heart-shaped or inverted triangular faces can wear sunglasses that accentuate their chin and visually narrow their wide foreheads."

Which Glasses Shapes Suit Diamond-shaped Faces?

"Diamond-shaped face can also be called diamond-shaped face. International diva Rihanna is a representative of this face shape. Fortunately, people with this face shape also have more choices in choosing glasses than people with oval faces.However, you can also try small retro glasses or oversized round glasses that have a futuristic design to enhance the face."

Which Glasses Shapes Suit Triangle-shaped  Faces?

"Triangle-shaped face needs to go to complement the width of the upper half of the face, choose half-frame sunglasses that emphasize the upper part, cat-eye type sunglasses are suitable.The color should emphasize the presence of the upper half of the face, so it is best to choose a strong or contrasting color."

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Frames and Face Shapes