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Round Glasses for Women (Can & Can't)

Many round-faced girls complain that they do not like their round faces, and there seems to be no glasses that fit them(it is not true).They are afraid to eat more for fear that their faces will become even rounder. Life is too hard for round-faced girls! In order to look smaller, they try not to show their foreheads, tie their hair, grin, etc. Otherwise, if they are not careful, the small round face becomes a "big pancake face".

In fact, God has long prepared a secret weapon for round-faced girls - frame glasses. It not only makes the round face visually thinner, but now it is also sought after by various hipsters and has become an ace decorative item. But in order to wear frame glasses to make your face thin, you must choose the right style.

Don't Choose Slim Frames

Even though their faces are not large, they look too round to notice the chin. So don't choose narrow and small slender frames. Such frames will bring out the best in your big face because it occupies too small an area on your face. Once you wear them, all the flaws of your round face will be exposed in a flash. There is also a narrow frame glasses round face girls must not touch, is the kind of not only narrow, the two sides also up "fly" models. Although fox eyes are good, but extremely unfriendly to round faces, will make the already small face become big and strange.

Some fashion bloggers suggest round glasses for round -faced people. But round glasses should not be worn casually. If you wear a round frame with a smaller diameter, your face will be as cute as a cartoon character. Two small round a big round, if the nose is also a little round, that is the face version of "Audi". Small and round glasses not only accentuate a large face, but also look petty. Dress a little more unisex, you will look like endangered species - female program apes ...

How Can I Tell if a Round Frame is a Big or a Small?

If the width of the mirror is just to the cheekbone, this is a very dangerous small round mirror. After stepping on the minefield, the next step is to see the correct way to open the frame.

Choose the Right Glasses for a Round Face

Large round frames

Round glasses are recommended to choose large lenses. Big frame is that the lense is wider than the cheekbone. A round face girl wearing a big round eyewear will look cute and naughty. And it also hides the fatness of the face. If not only the face is round, the face features are also very flat, then the large round frame will be more useful. The glasses will set off your features in a very three-dimensional and delicate way. Large round glasses can also make you look younger instantly. Large round glasses not only slim your face, but also magnify your eyes, and comes with a beauty effect.

Irregular Frames

The shape of the square round may sound contradictory, but in fact it is a rounded base with some angles. This style is the same as the large round frame in terms of efficacy, but the shape is more three-dimensional and not dull, and be sure to choose a size larger. The top wide and bottom narrow teardrop glasses also belong to the irregular shape, and it is also the savior of round face girls. The rounded arcs of varying lengths bring more lines to the face. Because the face of a round face is so rounded, it is especially necessary to enrich the sense of lines. There are other glasses with a strong sense of lines that can make up for this shortcoming. For example, by turning the curves into folds, the face is not so round and also looks much sharper.

Many round face girls buy aa lot of glasses randomly. Especially like to follow the celebrities to buy the same glasses, but in fact, many explosive models may not be suitable for themselves. If you want to look slim, the first thing you have to do is to pick according to your face shape. Whether it is with lenses or without lenses, the frame appearance is the key for round face girls.

Here Are a Few Tips for Choosing Frames

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