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How to Pick and Wear Cosmetic Contact Lenses Correctly?

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. In the pursuit of big, bright eyes, women in Italy hundreds of years ago even used plant drops containing highly toxic alkaloids to dilate their eyes. In modern times, beauty lovers no longer have to risk losing their eyesight, as they have a better option: colored contact lenses (hereinafter: cosmetic contact lenses). However, we have to be careful, if we don't wear cosmetic contact lenses correctly, we will not only suffer from beauty, but also from sin. Today, we will tell you clearly at once.

What Are Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

Cosmetic contact lenses are essentially soft corneal contact lenses with modifying function, a type of contact lens, which can be with or without prescription. Wearing cosmetic contact lenses can change the color of our eyes and make them appear more luminous. Some cosmetic contact lenses also come with some decorations to make us look more kawaii. However, if you do not use cosmetic contact lenses properly, problems can arise.

What Are the Possible Problems?

① Dry eyes. If you like to wear contact lenses, do you often feel that you can't see clearly, but blinking is fine and your glasses are dry and uncomfortable? This is the most common dry eye symptom, but you should not always blame yourself. In fact, in addition to the wearer's own dry eye, most of the causes are still dry eye symptoms caused by lack of oxygen caused by wearing corneal contact lenses, more deposits on the lenses, or improper care solution for corneal contact lenses, etc.

② Corneal epithelial abrasions. This is often caused by accidental injury while taking off and putting on the lens, and can usually be felt as a very obvious pain! In addition, in case the lens is torn, scratched or defective, or some foreign debris happens to be stuck under the lens, etc., it is possible to bruise the corneal epithelium. For those who have palpitations when hearing about this situation, it is recommended to choose daily disposable. Check the lenses before wearing them to see if there are any cracks or chips, as well as not to wear them backwards.

③ Hypoxia causes adverse reactions. This danger should be more or less known by those who have been wearing contact lenses for a long time. But what people may not be aware of is that oxygen deprivation is a long-term process that may cause vision loss and photophobia. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to sleep with them on.

Be Sure to Have an Eye Examination Before Wearing Cosmetic Contact Lenses.

Therefore, it is recommended that before wearing lenses, you must have an eye examination! This is not something that can be handled by just buying a pair online, there is a whole set of professional operation process.

①First of all, an eye doctor or optometrist will perform a slit lamp examination to determine if your eye health is suitable for contact lenses.

 ② Next, check your refraction, base arc and other parameters required for lens fitting and perform relevant calculations so as to obtain an accurate contact lens prescription.

 ③ To perform a fit assessment, look at the fit of the lens in your eye, which are the two indicators of the base arc and diameter of the lens. Moving too much or too little means the lens is not the right size. This requires the optometrist to adjust the product to your specific situation.

How to Choose Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

First of all, the scientific name of contact lens is corneal contact lens, which means it is in direct contact with the cornea on our eyes. And contact lenses generally bring harm to the cornea, one is lack of oxygen and the other is precipitates. So when buying, we focus on these two points. 

① For hypoxia: silicone hydrogel material is recommended. Traditional hydrogel lenses are designed with a high water content in order to improve oxygen permeability. Don't think that high water content makes your lenses watery! Contact lenses that are exposed to the air will draw water from the surface of the eye in order to maintain a high water content, making your eyes feel dry. Silicone hydrogel lenses are far better than hydrogel lenses in terms of oxygen permeability, and they also break the dependence of oxygen permeability on water content, reducing the water content of the lenses while still having a very high oxygen permeability.

② For precipitates: the best way is definitely to change the lenses diligently. It is recommended to buy shorter cycles, such as daily and biweekly disposable. Our tears, secretions, and some substances in the air will form deposits on the surface of contact lenses. Over time, the precipitates will affect the vision correction effect, and some will also affect the comfort level and feel painful to the eyes. So, from a health perspective, frequent lens replacement is definitely the better choice!

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Written by: Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee is a freelance writer who works as a sales clerk in an eyewear boutique, and her seven years of experience allows her to select the right eyewear for her customers at a glance. Knowing the whole process of eyewear production, she also has a unique perspective on eyewear fashion. She is passionate about fashion accessories and life. She likes to match a variety of eyewear with various styles of clothing.

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