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About John Lennon Glasses

John Lennon, whose full name was John Winston Ono-Leigh, was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England, and was shot dead by a crazed fan, Mark David Chapman, in front of his apartment building in Manhattan on December 8, 1980. He was the leader or co-leader of the British rock band The Beatles, a writer and graphic artist, a solo recording artist, and collaborated with Yoko Ono on recordings and other artistic projects.

John Lennon - An Eyeglasses Icon

John Lennon glasses also called "Windsor glasses", generally refers to the gold-rimmed round retro glasses, the British Windsor company named. John Lennon glasses are the more popular style of retro glasses, the Beatles were very hot at the time, John Lennon often wear the gold round perfect glasses naturally by the fans, and was immediately popular. To this day, the residual charm still exists.

What is the Truth of John Lennon Glasses?

We are familiar with Daft Punk's helmet, Chuck Berry's duck walk, the hip-hop artist's big gold chain, and John Lennon's signature glasses, and etc. Usually we think these are elaborate, but how about the actual?

Mike Byrne, curator of The Beatles Museum, told the BBC"You can't see the world any closer to the real John Lennon than through his strange glasses."You couldn't see the world more closely to the real John Lennon than through his strange glasses.He wore them to make so much of his music that is so memorable."You can't deny that these round, retro-looking glasses are reminiscent of John Lennon at first sight.

The classic, iconic gold-rimmed, round-framed vintage glasses he wore on his last The Beatles tour may look ordinary, but they're up for auction on the Music Collection website with a reserve price of €750,000!

For a while, people thought it was for cool. But we were all wrong. The truth is that his world would look like the following if he didn't wear his glasses.

The only difference between the two is that the Snellen Chart lists the letters of the alphabet, while the Tumbling E Chart has E's throughout, but in different directions. Why is there a latter? Because for younger children, many of them do not know how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet, so the Tumbling E is a convenient way to test their eyesight. Regardless of which chart is used, when testing vision, the chart is hung on the wall and the person stands 20 feet (6 metres) away and checks the number of lines seen.    

Sometimes, if the room is small, a mirror is used to help reduce the distance. When it comes to the sight table, you will also hear the term 20/20 vision test. 20/20 means that you can stand at a distance of 20 feet (6 metres) and see the range of the sight table that a normal person can see at 20 feet, which is commonly known as 1.0 vision.   

If a person standing at 20 feet can only see the top E and nothing else, his vision is 20/200, which means that he can see the same range of vision as an ordinary person standing at 200 feet, which is commonly known as 0.1.

John Lennon Favorite Glasses Store-HAKUSAN

"Hakusan Optical Shop" is an old Japanese handmade optical store, established in 1883, which is 137 years old now. You may not be familiar with this 100-year-old optical store, but you should know that.

When John Lennon returned to Japan with Yoko Ono in 1979, he happened to visit Hakusan Optical Shop, and initially chose the classic Mayfair model from the store.Megan Whitehill, the owner of Hakusan at the time, also designed a new pair of glasses in John Lennon's image, named Winston (after John Winston Lennon's middle name).

John Lennon's most iconic small round eyes are also from Hakusan

Including the Mayfair with clear frames from the Hakasan, which he wore at the time of his death.

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