About abdosy

How do you like your first pair of eyeglasses?

Early on in college, I had short-sightedness, and I briefly considered obtaining a pair of glasses. But since I lacked confidence and the majority of my peers wore unsightly spectacles, I refused to wear glasses out of concern for how they would make me look. Finally, I had to go to a store to buy a pair of vintage glasses because my blurry eyesight was badly impeding my study and life. I avoided eye contact and kept my head down when I was talking to people since I wore glasses. I wondered why shortsighted people couldn't confidently and gladly wear prescription eyeglasses. Later, I made the decision to launch a line of eyewear with a wide variety of styles and competitive costs.
We established Yiwu Yinyu Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. in 2018, and established the brand abdosy in 2022. Has been committed to the design, production and sales of sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Our goal is to showcase your style and make your vision evident, to exude self-assurance and optimism. Abdosy's vision is the same as yours.

Brand Concept

Be confident

Abdosy helps consumers discover their confidence and have a positive outlook on life. We wish you the best of luck as you enjoy your first pair of glasses, improve your vision, and stop the progression of myopia.

Be fashionable

We cherish the thoughts and opinions of our clients and understand the significance of imaginatively developing eyewear. As a result, we focus on creating unique designs for customers with designers from France, Italy, and the United States. So that customers can find the styles that work perfectly for them in various situations.

Be affordable

It should be easy and enjoyable for everyone to see the beauty of the world clearly. Abdosy uses the Direct-to-Customer (DTC) marketplace to provide eyewear at a lower cost.

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