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How Halloween Is Celebrated Around The World

Halloween is mainly celebrated in many countries around the world. Even though the holiday has its roots in Ireland, today, it is celebrated in countries around the globe. Halloween is a particular holiday that is celebrated all over the world. Although it originates in Ireland, it is celebrated by people of all cultures and religions. Each country has its specific way of celebrating Halloween. Whether dressing up in costumes, telling scary stories, or eating particular foods, there are many ways to enjoy this spooky holiday. 

Though it is mainly celebrated in many different ways worldwide, Halloween - or All Hallows Eve - is a holiday with ancient roots. The holiday we now know as Halloween originates in the Celtic festival of Samhain, which was a celebration of particularly the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. In addition to honoring their ancestors, the Celts believed that the night before winter began, the specific boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred, and ghosts and otherworldly beings could cross into our world. Over time, elements of Samhain were adopted by Christian churches, and Halloween began to be celebrated as a religious holiday. Here's a look at how Halloween is celebrated in four different countries.

How Canada Celebrates Halloween: 

In Canada, Halloween is typically celebrated on October 31st and is often seen as an opportunity for children to dress up in particular costumes and go Trick-or-Treating. However, the origins of Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which was a time to honor the dead. Over the centuries, this festival has evolved and now includes many of the same traditions that are popular in the United States, such as pumpkin carving and apple bobbing. In recent years, there has also been a growing trend of adults attending Halloween parties, where they often dress up in costumes and decorate their homes with spooky decorations.

How Jewish People Celebrate Holloween:

Jewish people celebrate Halloween, but they call it Purim. Purim is a holiday that celebrates when the Jewish people were saved from being killed by Haman. Haman was a man who did not like Jewish people. On Purim, people dress up in costumes, give gifts to each other, and eat special foods.

How Australia Celebrates Holloween:

In Australia, Halloween is also called Samhain. Samhain is a Celtic holiday that marks the end of the harvesting season. People would light bonfires and mainly dress up in costumes to ward off evil spirits on this day. Australians still celebrate Samhain by dressing up in costumes and attending parties. However, trick-or-treating is not as popular as it is in other countrie

How China Celebrates Holloween:

Halloween was brought to China by Western missionaries in the 1800s. It is not as widely celebrated as it is in other countries. Notably, in recent years, more and more Chinese people have celebrated Halloween. The most popular activities include decorating houses and workplaces with spooky decorations, attending costume parties, and giving gifts to children. 

How Mexico Celebrates Halloween:

In Mexico, Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead - is a two-day celebration that begins on November 1st and ends on November 2nd. The holiday commemorates particular friends and family members who have died, and it is believed that on these specific days, the souls of the dead return to visit their loved ones. It is traditional to build altars with pictures of the deceased and their favorite foods and drinks. Marigolds are also often used to decorate altars and gravesites, as it is believed that their smell will guide the souls back to their homes. 

How Greece People Celebrate Holloween:

In Greece, Halloween is known as Kalynda, celebrated with bonfires, costumes, and sweets. The leaves of plane trees are burned to ward off evil spirits, and parents often tell scary stories to their children around the fire. One popular Kalynda tradition is swapping clothes with someone else to confuse evil spirits - it is believed that they will become so confused that they will leave you alone.

How France Celebrates Holloween:  

In France, Les bonbons ou le bonbon are given out to children who go door-to-door on October 31st dressed as ghouls or witches. Like in Greece, parents often tell their children scary stories on this night. France is also home to la Pâque Flambeau - or Easter Fire - a bonfire lit on Easter Sunday that wards off evil spirits. 

How Italy Celebrates Holloween: 

In Italy, some people believe that witches gather on Brocken Mountain on October 31st. It is also thought that if you look at your shadow in front of a fire on this night, you may see la Befana - an older woman who delivers presents to children on Epiphany Eve. La Befana leaves candy for good children but coal for naughty ones! Another Italian tradition is knocking on someone's door three times; if you do this on Halloween night, it is said that la Befana will come down your chimney and fill your socks with candy!   

Final Thoughts:

Though celebrated on the same day each year, Halloween is quite different depending on where you are in the world. In the United States, for example, children dress up in costumes and go door-to-door to collect candy. Adults often host parties or go to haunted houses.In Mexico, meanwhile, the holiday is called "Dia de Los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead." Families visit cemeteries to pray for and remember their deceased loved ones.

In China, the "Festival of the Hungry Ghosts" is celebrated. It is believed that on this day, ghosts can roam the earth. Offerings of food and money are made to appease them. As you can see, Halloween is a truly global holiday with many different traditions. Whether you're Trick-or-Treating or paying your respects at a graveyard, there's sure to be a Halloween tradition that you'll enjoy.

Halloween may be celebrated worldwide, but at its core, it remains a holiday steeped in tradition dating back thousands of years.Whether attending a Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico or swapping clothes with a friend in Greece, take some time this Halloween to appreciate the history and culture behind this spooky holiday. 

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