Oakley Over the Top Men's Sunglasses

Oakley over the Top Men's Sunglasses

Oakley Precious Mettle Sunglasses

The first time I saw this pair of glasses, I felt that this pair of glasses was very trendy, unconventional, breaking the rules, this is called oakley Precious Mettle, in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games by Ato Boldon wearing this pair of glasses debut. This appearance impressed not only me, but also many other spectators. The glasses were made by O Matter using the original molds and have the same stemless, overlay design as the original glasses. The glasses also have a gradient color treatment from gold to silver to bronze and feature modern Prizm lenses for added contrast and color. Only 20 pairs are available worldwide. Each pair has a unique serial number to represent its uniqueness and historical importance.

The name Overthetop is so graphic that even without seeing the glasses, we would naturally guess "are these glasses on your head", which they are. People also call it "OTT" for short, and some people joke that it is a bra on the head.

Oakley Over The Top - The Craziest Sunglasses

Oakley is no stranger to making sunglasses that turn heads. The company has been pushing the boundaries of style and design since it was founded in 1975. Their latest creation, the "Over The Top" sunglasses, are sure to get people talking. These shades are unlike anything you've ever seen before. The oversized lenses and unique frame design make these sunglasses stand out from the rest. But it's the bright, neon colors that really make these glasses pop. Whether you love them or hate them, there's no denying that the Oakley Over The Top sunglasses are one of a kind.

Oakley over the Top Sunglasses Fire red

Oakley over the Top Sunglasses in fire red are the perfect addition to any summer outfit. With their bold color and statement-making style, these sunglasses are sure to turn heads. The lenses are 100% UV protected, so you can enjoy your time in the sun without worry. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hitting the beach, Oakley over the Top Sunglasses will help you make a statement.

Can Oakley Overhead Sunglasses Lenses Be Replaced?

Of course, in three simple steps.
1. hold the lens firmly around the lens.
2. gently but firmly push the lens outward.
3. reverse the new lens and push it inward to snap the lens in place.

What Occasions Are OTT Sunglasses Suitable for Wearing?

Many people worry that the shape of these glasses is too unique for everyday wear. In this regard, our recommended ones are still quite suitable for occasions such as informal party, role-playing, and attending Comic-Con.

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Written by: Anthony Lee
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