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Progressive Lenses: You Must Know

Progressive lens, referring to multifocal lenses, is getting more and more popular. The design of progressive multifocal lenses is also classified, mainly into internal and external progressive, and progressive lens fitting techniques and experience can also affect the wearing experience, so understanding the lens design can help to get more comfortable glasses.Not everyone can get the ideal progressive eyewear. Many people try them once and then don't want to buy them again, mainly because they are uncomfortable to wear and cost more money than they expected.

Internal and External Progressive Glasses

External Progressive Glasses: the progressive design are on the outer surface of the lens, processing the prescription on the inner surface of the lens. The disadvantages of the outer progressive lenses fixed progressive design are also more obvious, they cannot be customized according to individual eye needs and the design processing is more traditional.

Internal Progressive Lenses: the progressive surface is located on the inner surface, and the prescription side is also located on the inner surface. Because the rear surface can be flexibly designed and processed for progressive luminosity and prescription luminosity, it can be optimized for each individual's prescription, wearing parameters and personal visual habits, improving the visual experience of the wearer.

Difference Between Internal and External Progressive Glasses

Visual field width: inner progressive field of vision is wider. Because the progressive surface of the inner surface progressive is closer to the eye, wearing this lens increases the wearer's visual field, improves the width of the central visual area and the visual utilization of the peripheral area, and provides a more realistic and clearer imaging effect, increasing the visual field by approximately 35% compared to the outer surface progressive.

Comfortable and long-lasting vision: inner progressive is more comfortable to wearThe inner progressive uses a unique technology that makes the lens deformation smaller than the outer surface progressive lenses, and the aberration zone is closer to both sides of the lens, so the deformation zone of visual interference is smaller, so the wearing comfort is greatly improved and adaptation is faster.

Downward rotation needs: each has its own advantagesFor customers with good under-rotation ability, low ADD or long channel tapering is best with internal tapering; for customers with poor under-rotation ability, high ADD or short channel tapering is best with external tapering.

Customization needs: internal progressive can be personalizedThe parameters of the internal progressive lenses can be optimized according to the needs of the eye prescription, usage habits, etc., i.e., the glasses can be personalized for the customer, which is more in line with the actual wearing needs of the customer.

Hot trend: Inner progressive is more satisfyingNowadays, due to the improvement of people's quality of life, the phenomenon of eye fatigue is significant and presbyopia is showing a younger trend, so in the case of eye muscle gyratory force satisfying, internal progressive is the preferred choice to meet the customer's demand for a wide field of vision and improve satisfaction.

Why is It Uncomfortable to Wear Progressive Glasses?

01 Lens Stains

Eyeglasses in daily use a little inattentive will be stained with dust stains, affecting vision; lens scratches tired, will also affect the light through, and then cause visual unclear, discomfort.Suggestions: glasses should be cleaned during the use, rinse the lens dust and dirt with water, and then gently wipe with a clean and soft glasses cleaning cloth to avoid scratches; if the lenses are scratched, the lenses should be replaced in time.

02 Frame Distortion

Eyeglasses used for a long period of time will inevitably be squeezed, pulled, frame distortion deformation, etc. If the optical center of the lens can not be right on the pupil, the offset may cause damage to the eyes, visual comfort decreased.Suggestions: Avoid putting your glasses in your clothes bag or school bag, and store them in the case for proper storage. If you find that the frame is distorted and deformed, you should not "make do" with it, but ask a professional to adjust and maintain it in time.

03 Inappropriate Fitting

In addition to the degree of myopia and presbyopia, the fitting of progressive lenses should also take into account the daily use of the lenses, which requires a high degree of professionalism and quality of lenses.Suggestions: Always choose a regular, qualified eye hospital or optician, and have your lenses fitted by a professional optometrist.

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