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Hat's Behind the Child's Thick Lenses?

When you go to the store and wait to see an optometrist, you always hear parents talking about who is nearsighted again in their children's class, a checkup are more than three hundred degrees, parents are worried a lot. When I was young, there were not many myopic people in the whole school, and when I saw my classmates wearing glasses, I envied them for being educated. Now, half of the fifth and sixth graders are myopic, not to mention the myopia rate in middle school and high school.

More and more children are wearing glasses and their lenses are getting thicker and thicker, what is happening behind the thick lenses?

Looks Familiar?

1. Children are still young, will there be problems with their vision? Wait and see!

2. The child can not see well, just found vision problems, observe it and so on! It's time to take your child for a vision checkup, but you're too busy to do it! Let's wait and see!

3. Myopia is only 100 degrees, do you want to wear glasses? Let's wait and see!

4. Myopia has gone up again, should I change my glasses or not? Let's wait ......

Your child's eyes can't afford to wait, so don't say "wait" to your child's eyes.

Behind a child with high myopia, there may be a parent who is a procrastinator. Many parents focus on whether their children eat well and keep growing taller, while neglecting their children's vision development.

Experts remind: young children's eyes are at a critical stage of development, vision problems are easily ignored. Refractive examinations at this time, can be detected early strabismus. The younger the age, the better the treatment. However, it is also important to assess the likelihood and progression of myopia and intervene early. If the parents are highly myopic, or if the child is premature, refractive examinations should be performed as early as possible.

Before Your Kids' Glasses Getting Sick

Generally, when a child cannot see the words on the blackboard, parents often tries to arrange for the child to sit in the front seat, and some children tend to hide their myopia. In fact, sitting in the front row does not prevent the occurrence and development of myopia, sitting in the front row, looking at the blackboard closer, the closer the object, the higher the eye muscle contraction Chengdu, the more fatigued the eyes will be. Therefore, when a child is nearsighted, you should take your child for an eye examination as soon as possible.

True Myopia and Pseudomyopia

Secondly, children's vision loss is divided into two types: true myopia and pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia is functional and can be corrected by interventions without the need to wear glasses. However, true myopia must be examined and fitted with appropriate glasses at a professional eye clinic. If you do not wear or wear unsuitable glasses, it will stimulate the development of myopia.

Glasses Are Not Replaced for a Long Time

With age and refractive changes, those with glasses need regular re-visioning of glasses. Optometrists recommend that students over the age of 13 need to be re-visioned every six months, and children under 13 need to be re-visioned every three months. Even if it is recognized, it is necessary to re-vision at least every 2 years.

How to Take Care of Your Child's Vision?

1. Newly myopic, diligent examination, more supervision

Since children's eyes generally do not develop until they are 18 years old, their vision needs to be checked regularly. Starting from the second or third grade in elementary school, vision should be checked once a month and attention should be paid if vision is found to be declining. When the vision drops to 1.0, active measures should be taken in time and more strict attention should be paid to eye hygiene. Parents should be carefull. Do massage your eyes daily to relieve visual fatigue and prevent myopia.

2. Getting the right glasses

Myopia varies from child to child, and there is no "one-size-fits-all" prescription for glasses. It is important to consider prescription glasses in relation to the specific characteristics of each individual's eyes. We need to seek professional optometry to understand our glasses and purchase appropriate, accurate and comfortable eyewear.

3. Don't delay myopia control and prevent complications

Don't delay myopia control and prevent complications. It is important to know that high myopia (>600 degrees in adults and >400 degrees in children) is the biggest culprit of eye complications, such as flying mosquitoes, cataracts, retinal detachment, glaucoma, vitreous lesions and other eye pathologies, all of which are common complications of high myopia.

4. Myopia rises faster with unsuitable glasses!

Because ordinary myopia glasses are traditional monofocal lenses! There is only one degree on a pair of lenses, mainly used for distances beyond five meters for large sizes. This type of lens can only ensure that looking at a distance is clear; but in real life, we don't just look at a distance, we look at the near far more than we look at the far. When looking close or using lenses of this size, the ciliary muscles are forced to tighten and adjust in order for the eye to adapt to this size, using the eye's reserve adjustment power. However, by the time the eye has adjusted to seeing close, the tension of the ciliary muscle is already too high to relax and it becomes difficult to see farther. This becomes a vicious cycle where not only do the eyes become more fatigued day by day, but the degree gets deeper.

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