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What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Sunglasses in 2023?

by AnthonyLee 17 Mar 2023
What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Sunglasses in 2023? - Abdosy

Summer is approaching, and sunglasses have become a fashion element that people are chasing. A pair of sunglasses ranging from tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars is dazzling.

It is necessary to prepare a pair of sunglasses in summer, but if you choose a pair of inferior and unqualified sunglasses, not only cannot resist ultraviolet rays, but also make the pupil dilate and the lens of the eye absorb more ultraviolet rays, which may cause Suffering from eye diseases such as cataracts, so sunglasses are not optional decorations.

So, what should we pay attention to when buying sunglasses?


Many people know that strong ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn to the skin, but they don't know that the eyes can also be "sunburned". As a very delicate part of the human body, the eyes are easily sunburned by ultraviolet rays. Sunlight exposure has a cumulative effect. Over time, the eyes are bound to be damaged, which is called "chronic photodamage" in medicine.

Because different structures of ocular tissues absorb ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths, many acute and chronic ophthalmic diseases and injuries can be caused. Strong light can burn the retina, as we all know, snow blindness is inflammation caused by damage to the cornea and conjunctival epithelium caused by ultraviolet rays.

In recent years, with the aggravation of air pollution and the destruction of the ozone layer, more and more voices in the world believe that excessive sunlight exposure has become another cause of cataracts. Cataracts are caused by ultraviolet rays in sunlight, which can cause lens turbidity or protein denaturation. According to surveys, in areas such as Tibet and Qinghai, where ultraviolet rays are strong in my country, the proportion of people suffering from cataracts and maculopathy is significantly higher than that in other regions. The age of onset will also be earlier.

Wearing sunglasses that are not UV-resistant in the sun is very harmful to the eyes, because most of the sunglasses are dark in color, and the pupils of the eyes will dilate in dark light environments, so more ultraviolet rays shine into the pupils, which is harmful to the eyes. cause more damage.


The UV protection effect of sunglasses is measured by the UV index. The higher the UV index, the better the UV protection effect. However, experiments have shown that the difference in price is not directly proportional to the UV protection ability of sunglasses. The UV protection ability of luxury brand sunglasses priced at several thousand yuan is not necessarily stronger than ordinary glasses with a few hundred yuan.

If you don't know what good sunglasses are, or if you are nearsighted, ordinary sunglasses are not very friendly. From my personal experience, I found that many good-looking sunglasses do not support customized degrees, which greatly narrows our range of choices.

Ordinary sunglasses not only have a limited choice for myopic people, but also need to carry 2 pairs of glasses with you when you go out every day. When you go outdoors, you need to find sunglasses to replace, and you have to change into ordinary myopia glasses when you go back indoors. Find it and change it, others have already moved on to the next step.

At this time, it would be great to have a pair of glasses that can be used as ordinary lenses indoors, and can be transformed into sunglasses when the sun meets the sun outdoors. That would be great. A pair of glasses can solve all problems.

The black aviator sunglasses newly launched by Abdosy adopt anti-blue light film series lenses, no fear of blue light and strong light, fashion and health coexist, indoor and outdoor intelligent conversion, double-effect protection, truly 1+1>2.

1. Blue light protection - healthy eye protection
Adopt intelligent anti-blue light technology to effectively filter harmful blue light, protect eyes at all times, and let digital life and health coexist.

what should we pay attention to when buying sunglasses?

2. Intelligent discoloration—fashionable and convenient
Apply automatic light perception technology, according to the intensity of ultraviolet light, automatically adjust the color depth of the lens, whether it is indoors or outdoors, it can be intelligently switched.
what should we pay attention to when buying sunglasses?
You say it is good, but this is a lens specially prepared for myopic people. People who are not myopic cannot wear it. Abdosy has already considered your concerns, and adopts a super intimate and humanized design. Blu-ray film change series lenses can be worn with confidence, without limitation, free choice.

Wearing indoors to block harmful blue-violet light from harming the eyes, and outdoor instant-changing sunglasses to block the scorching sun are really helping you to turn on the effective and convenient "eye protection mode".

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