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Who Can't Wear Sunglasses?

by AnthonyLee 21 Mar 2023
Who Can't Wear Sunglasses? - Abdosy
Sunglasses are a commonly used eye protection product, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays and reduce the risk of eye damage. However, not everyone is suitable for wearing sunglasses.
In some cases, wearing sunglasses can have negative effects and even lead to eye health problems.
The following are people who should not wear sunglasses:

Toddlers and babies under 1,6 years old: The eyes of toddlers and babies are in the developing stage and need lots of natural light for visual development. If they rely too much on sunglasses to block light during this period, it may affect their eye development and health.

2. People with glaucoma and cataract: Glaucoma and cataract are two common eye diseases. If you wear sunglasses in the early or middle stage of these diseases, it may aggravate the symptoms of the disease or accelerate the progress of the disease. In such cases, it is best to consult an ophthalmologist about suitable eyeglasses or surgical options.

3. People with eye injuries: If the eyes have been injured, such as surgery, trauma, etc., wearing sunglasses may increase the pressure on the eyes and aggravate the symptoms of the injury, which is not conducive to eye recovery.
heart shaped prescription glasses

heart shaped prescription glasses
4. People with a history of eye allergies: some people are allergic to light, and wearing sunglasses may irritate the eyes and cause allergic reactions.

5. Driver: Wearing sunglasses may affect the driver's ability to judge and respond to road conditions and increase driving risks. In strong sunlight, drivers can opt for cars with sun visors to block the light.

6. People who engage in certain activities: Certain activities, such as swimming, diving, skiing, etc., require special protective glasses instead of ordinary sunglasses. These activities may involve water, snow, ice, etc. reflecting light, and professional protective glasses are required to protect the eyes.

Wear Sunglasses

In short, although sunglasses are good for eye protection, not everyone is suitable for wearing sunglasses.
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